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White Hart Lane Tennis League


Welcome to the White Hart Lane Tennis League


Get fit and have fun in the new year. 

The first round of the White Hart Lane Tennis League will run from 2 MARCH to 26 APRIL, 2009. A mixed singles league, it is open to all standards of player over the age of 18. If you win your group, you will win 20 and a certificate, and if you complete 3 matches before the half way mark (29 March), you also receive a free can of tennis balls.  Entry deadline Friday 27 FEBRUARY, 2009.  Full details below

If you are over 18 and play tennis, you are most welcome to join! It's open to players of all standards, from beginners to advanced, and this is how it works:
  • It is a mixed (men and women) singles league
  • It’s divided into groups of about 6 players of a similar standard
  • Everyone in their group plays everyone else on the courts at White Hart Lane Community Sports Centre unless another venue suits both parties
  • Matches are the best of three tie break sets (allow 2 hours per match)
  • It’s up to everyone to arrange their own matches, but we may be able to help if you are struggling
  • You get one point for every set you win
  • WINNERS of each group receive a winner's certificate
  • At the end of the round, where possible, the top one or two players in each group go up, the bottom one or two go down and two stay put. For those who want to, it then starts again with a new round.
  • The first round will be FREE to enter (a saving of 10). However, you will still have to pay for the  courts.
  • If you are interested in joining or finding out more email Sally at
    or ring 0750 328 1732



Three tubes of four balls for only 11.50!
We can provide three tubes of tennis balls for 11.50, including postage if you pay by cheque, 12 if you pay by paypal.


The League and LTA Ratings
In theory we would like this to be an LTA rated league - and for those who have ratings already we will submit qualifying results. However, the membership review at the LTA makes getting a new rating now a complicated business. If you are interested, keep an eye on the LTA's website (

White Hart Lane Tennis League