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White Hart Lane Tennis League

About Us

White Hart Lane's Local Tennis League

There was a mini, introductory round of the White Hart Lane Tennis League in the autumn of 2008, and the first round will run from 2 February to 29 March 2009.  We hope it will become a regular local feature, with three or four rounds a year, each lasting a couple of months.


The idea for a local league began at Highbury Fields, our home patch in north London where we set up one in May 2005 ( The original idea came from Sally’s coach, as a way to improve her game (always a difficult task!). Since then, it has helped hundreds of players find tennis partners and play regular competitive matches.


Although part of the fee for each round contributes to administration, the league is not designed to make a profit - it is spent on running costs, free balls for playing a certain number of matches by a deadline, cash prizes for group winners and from time to time special coaching sessions or social events.


The White Hart Lane Tennis League is run by

Sally Kinnes and Nigel Billen

2 Highbury Place, London N5 1QZ 

Our Philosophy


We have found that although there are plenty of leagues and ladders in clubs if you seek them out, there is not always a regular league for players who play on one set of local public courts. Having one, we have discovered, helps build a sense of community, puts local players in touch with each other, and gives people a way of seeing themselves improve.


Our aim is to launch more leagues wherever there is a need, concentrating on public courts where finding opponents can be difficult. 



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White Hart Lane Tennis League